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T H E  L U X U R Y  T R A V E L E R



In its classic simplicity, Luxury Traveler reflects a look of success, not unlike the glossy periodicals & professional journals found in America's most prosperous households.

 Furthermore, Luxury Traveler is a recognized leader in it's online coverage of The Arts, Cultural & LifeStyle interests for the traveler.  Without question, this is the style of travel that sophisticated consumers find culturally stimulating.  From the marketing standpoint: this is the genre of travel that is uniquely identified with America's top income earners.  By design, Luxury Traveler is intuitive in its navigation and a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the reader.  Luxury Traveler is updated perpetually.   

Distinctive Advertising

Your ad in Luxury Traveler garners attention within America's most sought after niche market.  In it's smartly crafted surroundings, everything focuses on the luxury travel experience.  There's nothing down-market here to break the spell. 

With a presence in Luxury Traveler you communicate with  a select audience of cultured, upscale consumers.  If the reader is unfamiliar with your brand, this becomes the right occasion for a timely introduction.  Some of our readers could easily be previous clients.  Imagine how they might respond to pleasant recollections of their past experiences in your care.  Either way, you're off to a very good start.

Your ad is also working for you when your web site receives targeted traffic from our readers who visit you online.  This is yet another  opportunity, to create that favorable first impression, to receive a booking or to become reacquainted with a previous customer.  The benefits are considerable, from improving the return on your investment in online services to commission-free higher yield bookings.  

Online Public Relations

Advertising is important.  But, so is PR.  This is where you get to "sell the sizzle and not the steak."  KIOSK our weblog is a viable extension of our online magazine and a popular free standing weblog with a sizeable audience in each instance.  If you advertise with us, we'll run your seasonal press releases and announcements   This service is free of charge to our advertisers.. 

Social Media

Social Media is now a force majeure in the field of customer direct communication.  Not surprisingly, Luxury Traveler is in the midst of it all and you can join us there.  We use Twitter  extensively to call attention to interesting items.

As you can see, there's a lot of value added benefits for advertisers in Luxury Traveler . But remember this, everything you do online leaves a footprint.  So when that footprint tiptoes through the cache of Luxury Traveler at Google, etc, it also improves your Google standing.  If a reader sees that item in Google, even if its from the past, it can create a very favorable impression in the mind of that reader.  There's no charge for this important value added benefit either! 

Lastly, at Luxury  Traveler we will soon begin a new season of podcasts on a variety of luxury travel related topics.

Join us!
So, there we are.  In all the right places, with the "right look and feel", effectively promoting the luxury travel experience to the most affluent niche market in the world. I do hope you'll join us.  What follows is a brief presentation of our our advertising products and services.

P.S.  The "Reserve" button in Luxury Traveler can be your link to non commissionable, direct bookings

an insight into


"A fashionable online address"

a personal favorite

France | Saumur

Hotel & Restaurant

Town & Country Chic

A stately home on an estate within the midst of historic Saumur   

Designed in the era of Napoleon III, Verrières with its sculpted wood paneling,  painted ceilings, and fabric covered walls, fully retains its original elegance.  With stained glass windows as backdrop to a great carved wooden staircase it is a wonderful example, and modern day experience, of life in the "Belle Epoque".  This vast mansion house, built for a General of Napoleon III's Army, is uniquely located in it's four acre park "a l'anglaise" in the historic district of Saumur. 

The Proprietors:  Yolaine and Thierry de Valbray-Auger

Visit LUXE and you'll agree, this isn't web browsing.  This, is just like window shopping on Fifth Avenue, Rodeo Drive or, London's Burlington Arcade.   And, this is much more than just advertising.  This is an unspoken dialogue between luxury brand and an affluent traveler.  To be part of LUXE you have to be tops in your class, or in a class by yourself..

The LUXE presence accommodates descriptive copy and a beautiful full color photograph.  We'll include a link to your website as well as a "Reserve" link to connect the reader directly to the booking section of your web site.  Please remember, we always encourage our readers to "book online and book direct especially when you're visiting Luxury Traveler....."

Newly revised, a position in LUXE is by invitation and costs $3000 per year.

There's more.  As a LUXE participant, we'll gladly publish your seasonal news releases or announcements in "KIOSK he weblog at Luxury Traveler".  We'll top these insertions off with a Tweet on Twitter to let our followers know what you're up to.

Not surprisingly, on Twitter, we follow arts & cultural interests in the main.  We also season the Twitter experience with a   sprinkling of better destinations expertise.  Again the key principal is quality content, not volume. We follow a panoply of  principal dancers from great ballet  companies, symphony orchestras & conductors, theatre companies as well as authorities with destination and lifestyle expertise.




"helping a niche audience find their niche
in European travel"

Access Magazine on Luxury Traveler

Conventional Ad Formats, Dimensions & Pricing relative to 2017

Our pages accommodate today's most popular ad formats (see below).  So, If your company has developed ads for other online placement, there's a possibility that we can use the same media at Luxury Traveler.   Ads in Luxury Traveler generally conform to Interactive Advertising Bureau Universal Ad Package units and Terms & Conditions.  Once again,  we extend our desired quality levels to advertisers by accepting  larger than average kb allowances per ad.  Note: we accept 728 X 90 Leader boards only with prior agreement as they are often inconsistent with our page formats.   Lastly, you will note that our  pricing represents an extraordinary value in reaching the most sought after niche audience in the U.S. market.

Ad Specifications & Pricing 2014

Please note all information is subject to revision, with, or without notice.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to reject any advertiser or advertisement.

Ad Guidelines

Placement - Banner ads may run at the top, bottom, or within calendar / editorial content for maximum impact.  Towers run in left or right columns adjacent to editorial content.  Square rectangles run in center, calendar / editorial column.

File Formats: GIF, JPEG

No Flash, HTML , Java / JavaScript, Rich media or animated ads

Resolution: up to 72 dpi

Link URLs must be received via email when creative is submitted

Creative must be received at least 21 business days prior to ad run/campaign start date.

Special Services: Follow this link to send us an enquiry concerning ad placement, page or issue sponsorship

Leaderboards  Please note: we do not offer leaderboards ( 728px X 90px )  as a standard ad format for The Luxury Traveler, the weblog at Luxury Traveler or The Arts & Travel Network. 

The Fine Print

A Seasonal Press Release is simply that: one release, per season of the year.  We ask that your press release be kept to 350 words and include a related  Lo Res JPG graphics.

More extensive press releases or podcasts may be arranged at an additional modest fee. 


Ad Specs


Tower (120px X 600px) $2500.00 / yr
Eligible for 4 free press releases

Skyscraper (160px X 600px) $3000,00/yr
Eligible for 4 free press releases



Full banner   ( 468px X 60px)  $1500.00 / yr
 Eligible for four Seasonal press releases

Half Banner  (234px X 60px)  $900.00 / yr
 Eligible for four Seasonal press release



Button  (125px X 125px) $500.00 / yr
Eligible for two Seasonal press release


    Square  (200px X 200px)  $750.00 / yr

Eligible for two Seasonal press releases


Square  (250px X 250px)  $1200.00 / yr
Eligible for four Seasonal press releases


Small Rectangle  (180px X 150px)  $750.00 / yr

Eligible for two Seasonal press releases



Medium Rectangle (300px X 250px) $1200.00 / yr
ligible for four Seasonal press releases



Large Rectangle (336px X 280px) $1500.00 / yr
ligible for four Seasonal press releases


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