Masterpieces From Vienna's Imperial Collections

This exhibition takes viewers on a journey that explores six hundred years of art collecting by the Habsburg family, one of Europe's most powerful and long-lived dynasties. The Habsburgs served as emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, the highest secular authority in medieval and Renaissance Europe. Centered in Vienna, Austria, their empire extended to the Americas as well. 

All of the works in this exhibition come from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria, built by Emperor Franz Josef to house the imperial collections. The Habsburgs commissioned and collected some of the world's most splendid paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, arms and armor, and even ceremonial carriages, most of which have never been exhibited in North America. 

Habsburg spectacle and performance were legendary. Generation after generation, Habsburg rulers bid for their subjects' respect and loyalty—and won it—through the collection, creation, and display of spectacular architecture, sculpture, painting, and decorative arts. Today, Habsburg splendor can be experienced in the empire's former capital cities of Vienna, Madrid, Budapest, and Prague as well as in smaller cities throughout Europe. 

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