Photo; © P. Bodez


(Encore Edition)

The World's Largest Gathering of Hot Air Balloons at Chambley Planet'Air

July 22nd to July 31st, 2011

Chambley Planet’Air -- The twelfth edition of the biggest international gathering of hot air balloons of the world will take place from July Friday 22nd to Sunday 31st, 2011, on the airfield of Chambley Planet'Air (Meurthe-et-Moselle - Lorraine - France). The metamorphosis of the site will allow the event to receive the visitors in a unique aeronautic platform in Europe. All performances and activities "flip" on the other side of the base, with new plazas, sheds and avenues. Walkthrough!

At approximately 150 days before the event, we expect to welcome  more than 1,000 pilots and crews (with their balloons) coming from around the world this summer.   Every two years, "Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons" captivates children and adults for ten days with mass ascents of hot air balloons  and numerous other activities. 

Indeed, the airfields of Chambley Planet'Air, under the control of the Regional Council of Lorraine, has created new tracks, new sheds and new parking facilities.  The list of improvements is long. These numerous works are going to revolutionize the vision of the public, pilots, partners and media for this gathering which is widely regarded as the top event of its type worldwide. 


Finally, the best thing will be to see these aircraft buildings, roads and runways in actual use.  Throughout the ten-day festival, this new showcase will welcome hundreds of multicolored balloons..  Visitors will enjoy merry go rounds, simulators, exhibitions, first flights and other exciting experiences.. For nearly twenty-five years this must-see show in Lorraine has given wings to thousands of repeat visitors.

Are you ready to experience an amazing dream?

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