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Considerable thought has gone into the creation of this particular page.  At the present time, it is in the early stages of development.  Ultimately, we hope that this page will inspire travelers who are contemplating a spiritual or devotional experience in their travels.   For some, this might mean a pilgrimage.  Still others might want to include a visit to historic holy places as a part of their itinerary.  While we will not favor any particular faith, we will limit our focus to European  destinations, at least initially. 

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V A T I C A N  C I T Y

Vatican City State was founded following the signing of the Lateran Pacts between the Holy See and Italy on February 11th 1929.  These were ratified on June 7th 1929. Its nature as a sovereign State distinct from the Holy See is universally recognized under international law...

A City State surrounded by Rome

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Welcome to Luther Country

Martin Luther, the Father of the Reformation, spent most of his life (1483- 1546) in the neighboring German states of Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Hit influence on the towns and cities in Luther Country can still be seen today. From religion, music, and art to cuisine and lifestyle, you will find his footprints everywhere!

We invite you to make your way through Luther Country and get to know the landscape, attractions, and people that make it such a treasured jewel for locals and visitors alike Luther Country:  Where Martin Luther was born and studied.  Where he worked and preached.  Where he married and died.  Where he translated the New Testament and nailed his 95 Theses to the church door. 

The birthplace of the Reformation. Luther Country is the umbrella title for the two German states of Saxony Anhalt and Thuringia. The towns where Martin Luther lived, worked, preached and taught are all close together and easy to visit. Just an hour from Eisenach and Wartburg Castle, where he translated the New Testament into German, are Erfurt, Weimar and Schmalkalden. Ninety minutes from Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the birthplace of the Reformation and Luther's home for 35 years, are Halle and Lutherstadt Eisleben.

Celebrating 500 years of The Reformation





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